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Aromatherapy Dough

Give our Therapy Dough a Go!

Smitten’s Aromatherapy Dough is a, squeezable and stress-relieving ball of therapy dough for All (Yes, it’s safe for kids, too!).

This aromatherapy putty is made with 100% therapeutic-grade natural essential aromatherapy oils, with specific scent blends and vibrant colours for when you need to de-stress, boost your mood, or feel a sense of calmness. 
Squeeze your stress away, with the dough which is made for everyone that calms the mind and refreshes the soul.  

Its For Everyone !

Whether you’re three or 103, it is the only ball of stress relief you’ll “knead.” 
It's also a perfect gift for your colleague or loved ones.
Our Dough comes in 141gms Personal sized containers and is recommended to be used by one person individually.
Best part is It can be used again and again. If it dries up, just add a couple of drops of edible oil to regain its texture and consistency. 

Its Even for the Planet !

✅ The Dough
-Contains 100% organic natural material,
-It is 100% biodegradable. 
-Toxin & Chemical Free

✅The Packaging
-100% Recyclable Virgin Food Grade 1 PET 
-100% Recyclable Aluminum Screw Cap
-100% Recycled Kraft Paper Box

✅Cruelty Free
-No Animal Testing has been performed in the making of our products.

Help yourself to some focus in the moment!

Our aromatherapy stress dough is specially designed to help you find your inner peace. Knead the dough while taking deep breaths and experience fast relief and an escape from your day.
It also acts as a hand-strengthening tool for hand muscles, no matter your age. It’s fun, fidget-friendly and convenient. Just toss it in your car, purse or backpack and take it with you on the go. No diffuser needed, just Squeeze, Knead, Breathe and relax! Massage a small quantity between your fingers and feel the stress begin to fade away. 

The more you squeeze, the better you feel. Try it to believe it !!

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