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Our Journey to Health

At Smitten Co. We’ve harnessed the power of globally agreed-upon health and wellness methods to create the most trusted products in the world. Since the onset of COVID and other worldly events, we’ve been passionate about creating top-shelf products that will help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.

Smitten came to life in the beginning of 2021, when Aastha along with her husband Shiv embarked on a quest to create simple, holistic, stress reduction products that could be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone and everyone.

Smitten was born with a vision to reimagine relaxation as we know it.
Combining old age therapeutic techniques with ethically sourced raw materials in new age sustainable packaging is the key aim of this woman led start-up.

In fact, we aim to make taking care of yourself easy. That’s why we only use well-sourced natural ingredients that we would use ourselves—ensuring consistency and integrity of our products. Don’t wait until it’s too late; let us show you how important your health really is.

We hope for you to be a part of this journey with us. 

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