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Aromatherapy Dough

Our Vibrance Collection
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Energising Red

The colour red is stimulating, warm and energising. It promotes feelings of strength, vitality & sexuality.


Red colour combined with our special aromatics, blended to perfection in this aromatherapy dough will help you beat fatigue, invigorate & revitalise your mood.

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Lemony Fresh

Green colour cleanses and balances our energy to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. Combination of white flower oils with a dash of lime makes this a refreshing favourite.


This aromatic dough can help relax muscles, balance your mood, normalise blood pressure and increase blood oxygen saturation. It is sure to give a gentle nudge to help you get through the day.

Mandarin Orange

Orange colour is often known as the colour of enthusiasm and emotion. It is optimistic, uplifting, adds spontaneity and positivity to life.


This dough infused with our unique blend of essential oils helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation and opens up the respiratory tract for smooth oxygen flow to  the lungs.

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Peppermint Purple

Purple is associated with power, both earthly and spiritual. The soothing nature of this colour is known to stimulate the spleen, soothe mental & emotional stress.


This pleasurable dough has the unique ability to facilitate the flow of energy from within, relax the stomach muscles, ease pain and promote cellular health. Inhale tranquility and exhale the rest as you knead your way to a more placid place.

Soothing Sunshine

Yellow colour is most associated with happiness, positive energy and sunshine. Our combination of citrus oil along with flowering spice oils makes it highly refreshing.


This charismatic dough will help in alleviating mental tension, boost confidence and attain euphoria. Take a pinch and get ready to shine on with the Sun.

Blue Ocean Bliss

Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings relaxation. Our proprietary recipe of essential oils combined with the blissful blue colour will surely speak to your soul !


This therapeutic dough will help with sleep disorders, reduce anxiety and promote clarity in thoughts.

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